Therapeutic CBD Oil for Well Being

About Us

Lancaster County Hemp Company is proud to offer the finest quality USDA Organic CBD Hemp Flower available.

With the most productive non irrigated farming in the entire nation the 100’s of thousands of acres of prime farmland are proving to be the ideal conditions for high CBD hemp flower.

Working closely with many farms in the area, Lancaster County Hemp Company hand picks only the highest quality CBD hemp Flowers at its peak of ripeness.

Why choose Lancaster County Hemp Company?

Simply put, we care.

We care that High CBD Hemp Flower is grown:

  • In a sustainable practice
  • Free from deficiency or disease
  • With the consumers health and satisfaction in mind

We pledge that our High CBD Hemp Flower is:

  • NOT treated topically with ANY pesticide substance/chemical.
  • Flushed weeks prior to harvest
  • Of the highest quality that we ourselves would use/consume.

Questions or Concerns?

We are here to help!